The Early Bird Catches the Worm, and You Get to Catch It All

The Early Bird Catches the Worm, and You Get to Catch It All

Step up your bird watching with bird feeders and baths in Ocean View, NJ

Do you love birds? We do. The Maple Tree at Wild Bird Garden loves birds so much that we have over 1,000 bird feeders on our property. We have all sorts of lovely species roosting around our shop in Ocean View, NJ.

Our shop has one full acre dedicated to bird goods. Whether you're a casual bird watcher or you're an avid birder, we've got something for everyone, from bird baths to bird feeders and everything in between.

We also have an extensive hummingbird product line. Visit our shop today to explore our wide selection of products for bird enthusiasts.

Discover how we can help bring birds to you

Bring birds to your garden with an array of products designed to do just that. The Maple Tree at Wild Bird Garden has a wide product line that you can stroll through for hours. We even have an in-house potter that builds a lot of our houses for us.

Of the many products you can expect to find, keep an eye out for our top-quality:

Bird houses

Bird shelters

Bird feeders

Bird baths

Bird ponds

We also provide specialized Purple Martin bird houses. Purple Martins are beautiful birds that love being around humans. Plus, they eat about 1,000 mosquitos a day, so they're nice to have around in Ocean View, NJ.

If you want to attract birds to your home and garden, then shop at our store.